I think I’m in love with the Ace Cafe.

If you know me you know I love history, I love Orlando, and I LOVE motorcycles. This place is gonna have all 3 in one location.

Today I was lucky enough to get to go on the “Hard Hat Tour” of the facility.


I didn’t count the number of people who were there…but it seemed like about 30? I took this picture before it all got to going. We are in the lower part of the Ace Cafe. It is set for a late April soft opening. They say it should be ready for a hard open celebration about a month later.

If you have been around the motorcycle scene in central Florida anytime in the last few years you have probably seen some of  promotional material for the Ace Cafe. I first heard of them when I was at the American International Motorcycle Expo. That was about 3 years ago. So it’s been a long time coming. It took the developers so long to get the place to market because the  needs and problems associated with renovating a historic building.


The Ace Cafe is being created in the old Harry P. Leu building on Livingston Ave.



In a city that is NOT always known for taking care of its history it makes my heart warm to see these people showing love for this place.  The name Harry P. Leu is still left on the sidewalk in tile in front of the Livingston Avenue entrance.


One of the areas inside on the second floor is the old office of Harry P. Leu himself.  It will be restored to a “Mad Men” style of office.  There are other touches from the original use of the building. There is even an old safe that hasn’t been opened yet. The Ace Cafe folks say they are looking to get a safe cracker to work on it and hope to do something like a “Al Capone’s Vault” opening of the safe.


Okay… pics of the bar at the cafe are impressive. This one will be an outside bar with an awning for protection from the sun. I was there mid-morning and it felt great. I would have to believe the spot will do well.


The roots of the Ace Cafe go all the way back to 1938 in London. It is a HUGE part of biker lore. For a history of the cafe click the link below:

History Of The Ace Cafe

The Ace Cafe in Orlando will have a clock tower. This is what it looks like right now.


This helmet was on display today. The Ace Cafe has a deal with Bell Helmet. I liked it..but it was not for sale. Not today anyway.


And here is the Ace Cafe Model motorcycle from Triumph.  This one in Orlando is the second to roll off the line. I LOVE this bike. Lucky for me that, just like the helmet, it was NOT for sale. I can’t really be buying every thing I like in this place. I have kids to put through college.


I am excited about the prospect of the Ace Cafe opening in late April. I believe its going to be a really cool addition to downtown Orlando. I think it will become a target destination for all bikers. I can see it becoming a big part of Biketoberfest, and Bike Week, as soon as it opens.

Weather: GREAT weather if you like it warm. Today we hit a high of 87 at OIA. That is 7 degrees above normal. Tonight we have no rain in the forecast, and a low of 63. Tomorrow looks hot again with a high of 87. So far in 2017 we have yet to hit a high of 90. That could happen as early as Thursday.

Ride safe.