By now you have heard, probably MANY more times than you wanted to, that we are about to see a “Coast-To-Coast” Solar eclipse.  It is all over the news, featured on the cover of magazines at the store check out, and has too many post on Facebook to count.

This map from NASA shows the track the shadow of the moon will place across the U.S.A. on Monday August 21st. The shadow of the moon will start to block out the sun on the west coast in Oregon.The reason this eclipse is SO special is because it will go all the way from “sea to shining sea” as the old song says.

This eclipse is going to special to me because I plan on being with my mother in the path of totality. A little backstory here: I was born and raised in Middle Tennessee. My mom still lives in the house I grew up in. When I found out that the eclipse was going to go RIGHT over my childhood home I felt it was important to be there. Ergo, I have taken time off from work, made plans to travel, and will be in Greenbrier, Tennessee with my mom and my sister to experience this astronomical event.

I get that most of you in Central Florida can’t make that journey with me. That leads to the question:  What will happen in Florida? Okay, I don’t want you to think that its going to get super dark here in the Orlando area.  Below is a graphic that shows what the eclipse will look like in SW Orange county. The farther you are to the north in Florida the closer to the band of totality you will be.  As I am writing this, on Wednesday afternoon, the forecast calls for Partly Cloudy conditions at 2:51 P.M. on Monday.  With 82.5% of the Sun blocked you will still see lots of sunshine. It absolutely will NOT safe to look at the sun without special eclipse glasses. It will NOT get dark outside in Orlando. Keep that in mind as you make your plans.
orlando eclipse look

Ground zero for this eclipse is Hopkinsville, Kentucky. I used to live in Hopkinsville in the 80s. There was a TV station there called TV43. It was an LPTV station. LP stood for Low Power, and LOW PAY!   But I love the city of Hopkinsville for giving me a start in the business that I love. I won’t make it to “Hoptown” for this celebration. But the people there are going all out.  Members of the “Digital Team” here at WKMG News 6 are going through there for extended coverage on Friday. I am so happy for the folks in Hopkinsville.  Below is what the eclipse will look like there.

hoptown look

My biggest fear is that the weather will not play along on Monday.  As of right now, this is the forecast for viewing. At my moms house in Tennessee the sky looks like viewing will be fair. That is exciting! Here in Florida it appears “Good”.

So the bottom line is we should have a good view of the event from Florida on Monday, but we will NOT be in the area of totality. I don’t think the weather is going to let you down, Please make sure you understand that it wont be a total eclipse here so that you don’t come away disappointed by the event.

eclipse weather at peak

Make sure you are careful when viewing.

Follow these tips:

vieweing tips

If you miss this eclipse check out the map below to see when your next chance comes along.


Okay, I have to run now. I will be back on here with more eclipse stuff. Weather action, and all that jazz as the big event approaches.

See you here and on News 6!